Empower your reception:

It’s easy to improve member experience and your services when your reception staff have the right tools. Let Itensity make it easy-peasy for your staff to add new leads when they visit your club, help member’s with information on their profile, pay their memberships or even assist them with buying products (and thereby increase your sales!)

Make membership payments easy:

The magicians at Itensity have made it simple for your reception to capture membership payments and joining fees on your Point of Sale (POS). With our systems, you are able to capture the joining fees of new members before they even have a profile captured! Like magic, the payment will link automatically with the member’s profile once they have been loaded, and like more magic, payment will automatically reflect on their payment profile. Nifty, huh?

Beyond that, we are pumped to announce that have we have joined forces with Bitventure, our new financial services provider. With Bitventures state-of-the-art Point of Sale device, member’s payments have never been more simple!

Expand your retail income

One sure-fire way to increase revenue is to sell all your swanky merch and swag right at reception, which enriches your member’s experience by making them part of your brand. Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re part of the club, right? Supercharge this experience by also offering members their favourite beverages, snacks, and supplements.

POS On The Move

Staying connected and being on the move are two things that your members value. Whether it is onsite, or in the park running a boot camp, our POS on the move solutions allow you to make those sales and collect those payments without being chained to a desk. Without needing to skip a rep, you are able to use your phone or tablet to add payments for casual sessions, membership payments, or retail even products!

Keep on top of inventory

It’s elementary that tracking your inventory is an important part of your business. That Business 101! Itensity’s POS system not only makes selling of your products straightforward, but you will also be able to report on every sale which helps you ensure that stock-take and daily cash ups are accurate. We call this Painless POS. Sadly you will have to still deal with the sore muscles yourselves.

Team up with hardware

Remember: KISS – keep it simple and smart! Itensity’s POS can be operated on a tablet, phone, or computer. As your business grows, you are able to seamlessly add additional hardware features like cash drawers, barcode scanners, or a receipt printer.

Itensity’s point of sale is compatible with a wide range of hardware options – talk to us today!


As the saying goes – you can’t improve what you can’t track. With Itentsity, tracking is simple, so improvement is evitable! Amongst the features offered by Itensity, you will be able to do reporting on stock, cash-ups and receipts… but that’s not all! We have many other reports to assist in management of payments going through Itensity’s POS:

> Session Report  (Summary of all POS transactions made according to Date; Admin and if the session was cashed up)
> Product Report (List of products according to stock availability)
> Stock Report (Stock summary according to stock take period)
> Receipt Report (Total amount of specified items sold according to the Admins session opened)