Access Control On Itensity

As a gym owner, one of your top priorities when thinking about access control should naturally be facility security, but you also must consider entry convenience for your members. 

It is pretty obvious that automated access controls are needed in a fitness club, right? Why have a manual process when you can have an effortless automated, integrated system.

Among the many benefits, Itensity’s custom access solutions work on both turnstiles as well as mag lock doors. 

Here are a few more of the benefits of a single automated solution:


      1. No need to double capture, leading to higher productivity as well as the elimination of human error as no staff are needed for capturing

      1. Seamless auto-updates and the ability to instantly update access when you receive unpaids, capture payments, or add new members

      1. Reduce the incidence of members entering without being up-to-date on payments

      1. Zero delays when changes are made to member profiles, and no impact upon their ability to access your facility

      1. Effective member tracking and attendance reporting

      1. Super easy management of new members, paying members, unpaid members, blocked access, overrides, staff and visitors

    There are three types of access listed below, as well as their pros and cons:


        1. Cards:


              1. Pros: reliable; allows you to detect members entering who are not up-to-date on their fees; less expensive than tags

              1. Cons: possibility of fraud when members allow friends to use their card; not as convenient for members because cards are easily misplaced or forgotten at home

          1. Tags:


                1. Pros: reliable, easy to use, can be secured to a member’s car keys, for example, source of income

                1. Cons: members allowing friends to use their tag, more expensive than cards

            1. Biometric:


                  1. Pros: no need for cards or tags, less expensive in the long term

                  1. Cons: not always reliable, assumes that member’s fingerprints are reliable

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