Revolutionise your front desk

Transform your front desk with synergy between your point of sale, lead management, member activation, and access control

Digital Signup


Point of Sale


Access Control

Think -1-2

Digital Signup

Our intuitive front-facing products enhance your control over members right from your front desk: 

Enhanced member experience

Accurately data capture with less admin

Utilise built-in payment allocations

Accelerate access with immediate activation

Point of Sale

Our cutting-edge PoS allows member signup, payment allocations and much more in a single seamless process:

Capture leads at your front desk with Digital Signup

Diversify revenue streams to grow your business

Upsell members and book their first classes

Manage membership fees with ease

Allocate pro rata fees for new members

Think -1-7
Think -13

Fully Integrated Access Control

Make your access control more than just an entry point: 

Manage member access directly from your front desk

Assign access tokens to new leads

Track member activity and access to improve collections